Clitoral retention cyst following female genital mutilation/cutting: A case report.

Oriji PC1*, Allagoa DO1, Omietimi JE1, Tekenah ES1, Njoku C1
1Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
*Correspondence: Dr. Oriji, Peter Chibuzor; +234 706 423 3209;

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Background: Clitoral retention cyst results from the invagination of squamous epithelium and sebaceous glands along the scar following female genital mutilation/cutting. This desquamates and produces secretions to form a cystic mass. It is usually a complication of type I female genital mutilation.
Case presentation: She is a 10-year-old female child, who presented to the gynaecological clinic with her mother, with a 6-year history of progressive swelling in her perineum. She was circumcised at the age of 2 years. She had surgical excision under anaesthesia, and was discharged home in good health condition.
Conclusion: Female genital mutilation is still being practised, especially in the developing world. More work needs to be done by every stake holder to help stop this harmful practice in order to prevent the complications associated with it.

Keywords: Clitoral retention cyst, Female genital mutilation/cutting, Surgical excision, Harmful practice.

Cite this article: Oriji PC, Allagoa DO, Omietimi JE, Tekenah ES, Njoku C. Clitoral retention cyst following female genital mutilation/cutting: A case report. Yen Med J. 2020;2(1):183–185.


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