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Vol. 4 No. 4, October – December 2022

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Vol. 4 No. 2, April 2022

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Vol. 4 No. 1, January 2022

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Vol. 3 No. 2, April 2021

Effect of Covid-19 pandemic on internship training in Nigeria.
Muhammad DG, Adesina MA.

Comparison of shoe sizes of women with normal labour and those who developed vesicovaginal fistula.
Sunday-Adeoye I, Ajosei F, Ekwedigwe KC, Daniyan ABC, Eliboh MO, Isikhuemen ME, Chukwu I, Dimejesi IB.

Prevalence of dental caries among dental patients presenting at a secondary healthcare facility in Southern Nigeria: a five-year retrospective study.
Osadolor AJ, Ekariama A, Oyibo AI, Osadolor OO, Omorodion GI

Assessment of the compliance of dental patients presenting at a secondary healthcare facility in Southern Nigeria with post-extraction instructions.
Osadolor AJ, Ekariama A, Oyibo AI, Osadolor OO.

Assessment of the oral health knowledge, attitudes and practices among dental patients presenting at a secondary healthcare facility in Southern Nigeria.
Osadolor AJ, Ekariama A, Oyibo AI, Osadolor OO.

Patient satisfaction with physical therapy care, in a tertiary healthcare facility: an evaluation of quality of physical therapy services provided in Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
Ojeniweh O, Popoola O, Adesina AD, Mariere U, Rotifa S.

Morbidity patterns among health insured patients seen in a general out-patient clinic in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
Egbi OG.

Menstrual abnormalities in undergraduates with pelvic inflammatory disease attending Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Irrua.
Oseni TIA, Fuh NF, Momoh MO, Odewale MA.

The clinical significance of antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens in patients with syphilis.
Zhou J, Li Y, Hu S, Kong C.

Management of scabies in nursing homes.
Pepple EF, Amadi ES, Daka IR.

Asymptomatic right-sided aortic arch in a Nigerian woman: a case report and literature review.
Idowu BM.

Early physiotherapy after femoral fracture and intramedullary nailing; a case report.
Abubakar IA.

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Vol. 3 No. 1, January 2021

Tooth loss: missing tooth replacement options.
Osadolor OO.

Emil Theodore Kocher and surgical eponyms; a story of diligence, hard work and excellence.
Koroye OF, Baribote O.

School-based sexuality education: an overview.
Olufadewa II, Adesina MA, Oladokun B, Oladele RI, Ayorinde T, Abudu FR.

Apotemnophilia: a comprehensive overview.
Akano OT, Oduguwa IO.

Historical perspective and classification of disability.
Adesina MA, Olufadewa II, Oladele RI, Oduguwa IO, Abudu FR.

Chief complaints of dental patients presenting at a secondary healthcare facility in Southern Nigeria: a five-year retrospective study.
Osadolor AJ, Ekariama A, Oyibo AI, Osadolor OO, Omorodion GI.

Covid-19 in Nigeria: where are we?
Muhammad DG, Gbonjubola YT.

Drug and substance abuse among community health trainees: implications for primary health care delivery in Nigeria.
Bassey PE, Aniekpeno U.

Experiences of investigators in a trainee-led research collaboration among early-career doctors in Nigeria (Charting study).
Ibiyo M, Ekundayo OO, Kanmodi KK, Olaopa O, Amoo A, Egbuchulem IK, Ogunsuji O, Adeniyi MA, Efuntoye O, Babalola R, Tanimowo A, Buowari DY, Yahya A, Grillo E, Omololu A, Oladimeji FA, Kpuduwei SPK, Okoro-Ocheme C, Egwu O, Selowo T, Umar WF, Adebayo O.

Mentoring: a survey of Resident Doctors in a developing Country.
Buowari DY, Ebirim LN.

Prevalence of traumatic dental injury among dental patients presenting at a secondary healthcare facility in Southern Nigeria: a five-year retrospective study.
Osadolor AJ, Ekariama A, Oyibo AI, Osadolor OO, Omorodion GI.

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Vol. 2 No. 4, October 2020

Medical research: Practices and barriers.
Osadolor OO.

Conservatism, cancer, conflict and Covid-19: Quadruple tragedy for women living in war-torn traditionalist societies.
Kanmodi KK, Kanmodi PA.

The ban of commercial motorcycle riders: an effective strategy in reducing the rate of road traffic accidents in Nigeria.
Daha Garba Muhammad.

Effectiveness of lockdown (from 30th march to 30th may, 2020) in curbing the spread of coronavirus: Lagos, Abuja and Ogun as a case study.
Daha Garba Muhammad.

Tissue engineering: applications in dentistry.
Osadolor OO.

Infant mortality among black babies.
Ekemini Hogan, Obasi Okorie, Utibe Effiong.

Mental health and pscyhosocial support in conflicting Nigeria.
Adesina MA, Oladele RI, Olufadewa II.

Conceptualising peculiar attributes and issues of the “endangered group”: making a case for holistic adolescent- focused preventive health services in health facilities in Bayelsa State.
Davids KI.

Knowledge, risk perception, and attitudes of Nigerian dentists toward Covid-19: Pilot study.
Kanmodi KK, Nwafor NJ, Amoo BA, Akinbami AA, Hundeji AA.

What are we learning on social media about shisha? A case study of top 50 short English youtube shisha videos.
Kanmodi KK, Adegbile OE, Ogidan IO, Kanmodi PA.

Role of perceived spousal social support in medication adherence among hypertensive patients attending family medicine clinic in federal teaching hospital, Ido-Ekiti, Nigeria.
Ekundayo OO, Elegbede OT, Gabriel-Alayode OE, Agboola SM, Shabi OM, Bello IS, Omosanya OE, Ajetunmobi OA, Fashola AM.

Profile of children with cerebral palsy attending Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, physiotherapy out-patient clinic.
Gbonjubola YT, Muhammad DG, Alexender OA, Gordons EA, Abubakar IA, Elijah OB.

Impact of brain drain in ORL practice in Nigeria.
Yahaya ST, Jebbin EN.

Spectrum of endo-urological procedures performed at a Nigerian kidney transplant centre.
Igbokwe M, Abu S, Aremu A, Olatise O, Okafor M.

Lifestyles pattern, health-seeking behaviour and body mass index of market traders in Owo, Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria.
Bolajoko OO, Olanrewaju OI, Odugbemi BA.

Review of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Curriculum of West African Countries against the Standard CSE Curriculum: Any Existing Literature?
Olufadewa II, Adesina MA, Oladele RI.

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Vol. 2 No. 3, July 2020

Archives | Yenagoa Medical Journal

Vol. 2 No. 2, April 2020

Are medical laboratory and hospital staff exposed to gaseous inhalation not at health risks? A commentary.
Udeme KE, Enwere T, Oti ME, Obuna AJ, Uro-Chukwu HC.

Differential diagnosis of myasthenia gravis: A review.
Okeafor CU, Awoyesuku EA.

The perception of clients concerning quality health care delivery clinics in a hospital in the core of the Niger Delta.
Allagoa DO, Diete-Spiff E, Agbomojo N, Max-Alagoa E.

Evaluation of knowledge and perception of contraception among HIV positive male in Saye, Zaria.
Oyegoke AF, Abubakar A.

Prognostic accuracy of β hcg level in predicting pregnancy outcomes among pre-eclamptic patients at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa.
Obagah L, Jeremiah I, Allagoa DO, Aigere EOS, Kasia BE, Kotingo EL, Oriji PC.

Maternal and neonatal outcomes in grand multiparous women delivered at a tertiary hospital in Niger- Delta, Nigeria.
Ozori ES, Fumudoh B, Makinde O, Oriji PC.

Impact of head and neck cancer (HNC) education on HNC knowledge and attitudes toward HNC peer and non-peer education: A school-based pilot study.
Kanmodi KK, Osunro KS, Nwafor NJ, Kanmodi PA.

Health insurance coverage and treatment-seeking behaviour of people working in Port Harcourt.
Alali Aloni Adolphus.

Sero-susceptibility survey of rubella infection among women attending antenatal clinic at Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, Abia State.
Okwara CE, Nduka EC, Onuoha CO, Azubuike KO, Mbamba CC.

The pattern of reversible contraceptive uptake at the family planning and contraceptive unit at a tertiary hospital in Southern Nigeria.
Ozori Ebiogbo S, Agbo J.

A rare case of VACTERL association at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
Okpara LA, Oriji PC, Obagah L.

Bilateral knee septic arthritis in a middle-aged woman: A case report.
Kolade OA, Omoseebi AA.

Gestational choriocarcinoma following a term pregnancy: A case report.
Wekere FCC, Kua PL, Omunakwe H.

Sliding indirect inguinal hernia in an adult female Nigerian in a rural setting: A case report.
Kpuduwei SPK, Bukata P, Opobio P.

There is a need to consider acute appendicitis in acute abdomen in children: A case report.
Fente B, Egu CB.

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Vol. 2 No. 1, January 2020

Letter to the editor: The demographic profile of the Nigeria early career doctors.
Onuwabuchi E, Omololu A, Grillo E, Ekundayo O, Adeniyi MA, Ogunsuji OO, Kpuduwei SPK, Egbuchulem IK, Oduyemi I, Soneye O, Igbokwe MC, Kanmodi K, Williams A, Efuntoye O, Selowo TT, Sokomba A, Olaopa O, Fagbule F, Adebayo O.

Patient satisfaction with health care delivery: A survey of wards & units in a public hospital in Bayelsa State.
Allagoa DO, Ighedose LO, Henry YE, Arubinagha T, Akhiwu M, Dovieme H.

Pattern of tubal pathology in infertile women undergoing hysterosalpingography at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
Oriji PC, Kiridi K, Allagoa DO, Omietimi JE, Orisabinone IB, Makinde OI, Obagah L, Aigere EOS, Agbo J, Oweisi PW, Afolabi AS, Kotingo EL, Dambo ND, Ikoro C, Mbah KM, Tekenah ES.

Young doctors’ perspectives on malingering among corps members in a resource–limited orientation camp clinic: A mixed method study.
Davids KI, Adesina A, Oyeyemi AS, Eguvbe AO, Rotifa S.

Comparative study of road traffic accidents caused by motorcycles before and after the Lagos state new traffic laws.
Surulere MO, Campbell PC.

Pattern of occurrence of severe preeclampsia among pregnant women in South-West Nigeria.
Orisabinone IB, Onwudiegwu U, Adeyemi AB, Oriji PC, Makinde OI.

Study of phytochemical compositions and separation of colours using thin layer column chromatography for Bixa orellana (annatto) seed extracts.
Okorie N, Fasogbon SA, Mohammed U, Abubakar U, Avwioro OG, Tsamiya RI, Mohammed MO, Tangaza AT.

Client perception of the quality of cervical cancer screening services at a centre in South-South Nigeria.
Zauwa Z, Osegi N, Musa S, Oweisi PW, Obodo DU.

The impact of two socioeconomic indicators on the age at menarche of female undergraduate students in Nigeria: Bayelsa as a case study.
Francis DAU, Oyinbo CA, Eghoi AM. 

The effect of hyoscine-N-butyl bromide on the duration of labour in term parturients in Yenagoa: A randomized double-blind, control study.
Okoye CN, Omietimi JE, Jeremiah I. 

Prevalence of HIV and associated risk factors in patients attending accident and emergency department of a tertiary health institution in South-West Nigeria.
Omosanya OE, Ayodapo AO, Ibrahim AO, Ogundana AO.

Awareness and Uptake of Cervical Cancer Screening with Pap test among antenatal clinic Attendees at a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital.
Oweisi PW, Jeremiah I, Osegi N, Zawua Z.

Knowledge, prevention and treatment measures used regarding HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections among members of the national union of road transport workers in Mushin, Lagos State.
Lawal AO, Sekoni AO. 

Association between anti-Chlamydia trachomatis antibody and ectopic pregnancy at the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, Abia State.
Mbamba CC, Nduka EC, Agwu F, Kalu E, Okwara CE.

Pattern of implanon uptake in a tertiary hospital in Niger Delta, Nigeria.
Osegi N, Makinde OI, Ozori ES, Biakolo A.

Cervical incompetence: prevalence, socio-demographic and clinical characteristics in Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt, South-South Nigeria.
Wekere FCC, Clement-Wekere GAF, Nonye-Enyidah EI.

Telemedicine in Nigeria: A medium to the underserved communities.
Allagoa DO, Kemelagha FA, Ighedose LO, Tella AO.

Elderly medical care and out-of-pocket medical spending – a thorn in the flesh of senior citizens in Nigeria: review of articles.
Benson FN, Ndukwu GU.

Towards optimising Caesarean section: The challenges of concurrent underuse, unsafe use and overuse in developing countries.
Makinde OI, Oriji PC, Osegi N.

Book review: NARD’s we are early career doctors, we are NARD.
Olatunji YD.

Alport syndrome in a 32-year-old: a case report.
Ndu VO, Ujah T, Oko-Jaja R.

Antepartum Vulva Haematoma, Surgical Intervention and Subsequent Vaginal Delivery.
Orisabinone IB, Oweisi PW, Oriji PC, Wagio TJ.

Clitoral retention cyst following female genital mutilation/cutting: A case report.
Oriji PC, Allagoa DO, Omietimi JE, Tekenah ES, Njoku C.

Signing against medical advice: is it in the best interest of minors? – A case report.
Buowari DY, Ikpae E.

Bilateral dermoid cyst of the ovary: A case report.
Njoku C, Oriji PC, Afolabi AS, Kuete E.

Renal cell carcinoma in a 36-year-old female: a case report.
Ndu VO, Pedro EC, Ujah T.

Systemic lupus erythematosus in pregnancy; a rare complication at Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa: a case report.
Meme FC, Igbafe AA, Aigere EOS, Njoku C, Zawua Z, Mbah MK, Ohaeri OS, Okpara LA.

Archives | Yenagoa Medical Journal

Vol. 1 No. 1, July 2019

Risk Assessment and awareness of preventive measures against Hepatitis B among young graduates in Bayelsa State NYSC orientation camp in Kaiama, Bayelsa State: A descriptive cross–sectional study.
Davids KI, Oyeyemi AS, Mariere UI.

Awareness and attitude of men towards exclusive breastfeeding in Sokoto Metropolis.
Meme FC, Oche MO.

Family caregiver – A hidden patient: Critical Appraisal.
Benson FN, Ndukwu GU.

Huge ovarian mucinous cystadenoma and pseudomyxoma ovarii/peritonei: A case report.
Oyeyemi N, Agbo OJ, Ohaeri OS, Kofa RI, Egberipou II.

Coital laceration in shock: A case report.
Oriji PC, Omietimi JE, Allagoa D, Sominyai IRC, Adeniran A, Ikiba P, Tekenah ES, Obagah L, Ikoro C, Mbah KM.

Congenital Epulis of the newborn in Bayelsa State, South-South Nigeria and the decision for ‘watchful waiting’: A case report.
Davids KI, Mariere UI, Daramola SA.

Spontaneous bilateral ectopic pregnancy: A case report.
Njoku C, Oriji PC, Aigere EOS, Omile C.

Aplasia cutis congenita: Uncommon finding of two cases occurring in one patient in two successive deliveries.
Oriji PC, Afolabi SA, Omietimi JE, Allagoa D, Doni Doni P, Ozori SE, Makinde OI, Obagah L, Tekenah ES, Ikoro C, Mbah KM, Suobite E, Gregory F.

Huge symptomatic uterine fibroids coexisting with pregnancy in a primigravida – successful inevitable Caesarean myomectomy in a private hospital: A case report.
Ikoro C, Oriji PC, Njoku C, Afolabi SA, Mbah KM, Tekenah ES, Okoro C, Onomrefeduvwu E.

Archives | Yenagoa Medical Journal

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