Covid-19 in Nigeria: where are we?

Muhammad DG1*, Gbonjubola YT1
1Physiotherapy Department, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, Bauchi, Nigeria.
*Correspondence: Daha Garba Muhammad; +234 706 680 5746;

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Background: With students still at home for more than 5 months, international flights yet to resume, businesses not operating in full capacity and the claim by even some Nigerians that coronavirus does not exist, there is a need to look into where this country stands in her response to this pandemic ravaging the world.
Objective: To investigate the situation of covid-19 in Nigeria, the level of the virus transmission and its mode of transmission.
Materials and Method: The study made use of secondary data collated by the Nigeria Centre for disease control (NCDC) available at
Results: Nigeria accounted for 4.4% of all the confirmed cases in Africa and 4.3% of recovery rate. The total number of coronavirus test done in Nigeria at the time of study was 391,501, of which 53,021 (13.5%) were found to be positive. Majority of the confirmed cases 53,021 (76%) have recovered and were discharged from isolation with 1,010 (1.9%) deaths leaving only 11,730 (22%) active cases.  Almost half 25,261 (47.6%). Of all the confirmed cases are from south-western region of the country followed by North-central which accounted for 17.7% Male were the predominant of the confirmed cases than female with 64% and 36% respectively.
Conclusion: The present situation revealed that the rate of contracting the virus in Nigeria is relatively low, which could be as a result of implementation of preventive measures or the actual number of cases is more than reported as a result of inadequate testing facilities.

Keywords: COVID-19, Nigeria, Lockdown, Pandemic, Infection transmission.

Cite this article: Muhammad DG, Gbonjubola YT. Covid-19 in Nigeria: where are we? Yen Med J. 2021;3(1):39–46.


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